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Nick Owusu is a top motivational speaker from Ghana – Africa whose passion is empowering people and helping them to have  a vision for their lives. Nick Owusu is the CEO of NIKGROUP NETWORK LIMITED, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Nick Owusu’s Life is a testimony to the power of positive mental attitude and the capability of the human potential. Nick Owusu’s passion to learn and his desire to realize greatness in himself and others made him resign from the military service to persue his dreams.

In 2010, Nick starting public speaking on a full bases. Speaking to audience from tertiary insitutions, churchs, schools, network marketing companies and government institutions. He speaks on the subject personal and professional development. His seminar and talks are on leadership, selling, Goals, Strategy and the battle of life

He is also part of the greatest person I have ever seen. I have been following him all the time. hoping one day we can meet and teach me more on crypto currency also areas where I can invest my money. 2 Comments
Emmanuel Asamoah

Happy Client

Nick is such a great business presenter(when I first attended his presentation at intercontinental i felt a billionaire even before his presentation was over... welcome back again to Kenya Nick
Bray Bridget Makena

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He's a nice and business oriented fellow. he likes to carry people around him along in his doings. I remember the first I met him in lagos Nigeria, he asked me many questions and also gave me some piece of advice which really helped me a lot in higher institution. Nice Nwosu is is nothing less than a pillar of mentor
Oladokun Temidayo Daughta

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Honestly my first encounter with him was and has been awesome. He is vision oriented with a great team building drive which is motivating and encouraging for one to realise the " I can do anything" once you are led right and in the right environment one will succeed. Also, he is affable and generous!"
Myjelley Solomon

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