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Nick is a prolific serial entrepreneur with years of experience and numerous successes under his sleeves.

Nick Owusu

Nick Owusu is a top motivational speaker from Ghana – Africa whose passion is empowering people and helping them to have  a vision for their lives.

Nick Owusu is the CEO of NIKGROUP NETWORK LIMITED, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Nick Owusu’s Life is a testimony to the power of positive mental attitude and the capability of the human potential. Nick Owusu’s passion to learn and his desire to realize greatness in himself and others made him resign from the military service to persue his dreams.

In 2010, Nick starting public speaking on a full bases. Speaking to audience from tertiary insitutions, churchs, schools, network marketing companies and government institutions. He speaks on the subject personal and professional development. His seminar and talks are on leadership, selling, Goals, Strategy and the battle of life


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Many explanations have been given for why some of us acquire great wealth while some of us do not. Many have taken certain explanations as persuasive enough to give up trying. Our greatest excuse for not taking action today is that we believe we don’t have what it takes to make it tomorrow.

Each of us has a path based on our natural habits and talents – the ones we were born with. When we follow our path and only when we follow our path do we give ourselves the opportunity to achieve our true potential.

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